The Currency Of Sneakerheads


Have you ever had a passion for something, that ran so deep it consumed your thoughts, and changed the way you lived? Collecting is passion most people have felt at one point or another in their lifetime, but which usually doesn’t last long. That’s not the case for sneakerheads; die-hard collectors of sneakers. We live in an era of constant advertising and product association. When an article of clothing represents a lifestyle, that’s called branding. Iconography is much more than a symbol, a colour or shape, its depths define you. In 1980 the Nike Air Jordan introduction marked the beginning of shoe culture and a lifestyle of elitism.

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Fall Into Money Saving Habits This Season

There are always tips and tricks to save money in every season, so here’s a few things you can this Autumn.

Before the cold sets in check all of your windows and doors to make sure heat won’t be escaping this winter. If you wait until you find the leak your heating bill may already have done major damage to your bank account. Check your furnace/radiator to make sure their working properly before you need them.

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The Advantages Of New And Used Cars

One of the hardest questions you have to answer before deciding to buy a vehicle is whether or not you would like buy it new or used because you have to understand the consequences of each choice. It can be a tough decision to make, and you want to make the best one for your short or long-term goals. Here’s what you should consider before going for a test drive.

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(Dis)honesty At Face Value

White lies. Fibs. Exaggerations. Omissions. A lie by any other name is still a lie. Why do we do it?

The art of deception is a survival skill that all creatures have in their inventory. The chameleon changes colours to blend in with its surrounding when faced with danger. The Possum “plays dead” in hopes its enemy will wander off. Gorillas have been documented leading their group away from food, only to return later on and enjoy it themselves. The bigger the brain, the larger the capacity to lie, and the larger the extent of dishonesty for personal gain. So why are people so comfortable lying?

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How-To Ace An Interview

Going into a job interview blindly, while spontaneous and enthusiastic is NOT the smartest move. Preparation is important in the workplace and there is no such thing as being over prepared. You should research the company, its achievements, its future goals, and relevant industry trends to understand your future role and formulate an idea of what you can offer. It’s a good idea to look into the background and achievements of your interviewer as well, they have (most likely) looked into you and have prepared some questions based off your experience they want to discuss with you. What better way to engage in conversation than to show you have taken an interest in their achievements as well.

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What You WON’T Learn In School, Says Gates.

William HenryBillGates III is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and computer programmer who co-founded Microsoft, one of the world’s largest software companies. When a successful global figure offers life advice, it’s a wise choice to listen. What does he say are the most important lessons you WON’T learn in school?

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