Maximize Your Fuel Efficiency

Find the best price!

It may not be as convenient as heading to the first gas station you see, but with mobile apps that use satellite to view your location and let you know the cheapest gas station in the area, its not much more time consuming to compare pricing. The price of gas differs from station, to neighbourhood and you might be surprised what a minute down he road might save you.

Skip the AC if you can

There are two kinds of people in this world; Window vs A.C. Is there a right or wrong answer? There’s a time and a place for each option that yields their own benefits. If you are driving at a low to medium speed, constantly braking and speeding up, then windows will create a nice breeze and cool you off. However, if the speed of your vehicle exceeds roughly 65km then the drag from open windows will slow you down and use more gas than A.C. would. Choose wisely.

Lighten up

Its no secret that the heavier your vehicle the more gas you have to use in order to gain momentum and move forward. Do you use your trunk as a storage unit? You could be costing yourself more than you think. 100 pounds of weight reduces fuel efficiency by about 1%. Do yourself a favour and clean out your car opting for less costly storage like your basement, a relative’s house, or the trashcan.

Don’t mess with the aerodynamics.

Cars are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, and that’s why they’re not made with giant square shaped boxes on top. Ask any serious cyclist if carrying a fruit basket on top of their heads to increase speed had ever crossed their mind. What you put on the roof of your car, be it luggage, a canoe, ski’s etc. will severely interfere with your gas mileage. If you have to haul around some weight think about pulling a trailer instead.

Drive smart

Fuel usage corresponds directly to how hard you accelerate and how slow you and steady you drive and stop. That person who floors it at the stop sign only to come to a screeching halt 100 feet away at the next stop sign is using an incredible amount more gas than the person who starts slow and ends slow. Impatience is costly. The same goes for observing speed limits, you use considerably more gas above speeds of 65km/hour, and If the speed limit is les than 50km/h you run a pretty good chance of getting a ticket as well. You cruise control when you can, and avoid idling!

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