The benefits of a digital wallet

Mobile phone capabilities are constantly growing and allowing users to accomplish a wide range of tasks with progressively less amounts of time and effort. What’s changed? In the past few years the design of mobile technology has grown tremendously to allow for complex technology to exist in one place. Banking, GPS navigation, online shopping, and travel booking are just a few of the things you can do from your handheld device. It’s this type of innovation that is leading a population of credit card users into a new age of digitalized payments.

Loyalty programs:
Gone are the days when you had to carry a personalized loyalty card for every program you were registered with. Nobody has the wallet space to carry a dozen cards and now that it can all be stored on your phone you will never forget, lose, or miss out on a new or existing rewards program (So long as you don’t lose your phone of course). Applications like “my passport” allow you to store all of your loyalty programs in one place for easy access. Points add up when you can collect everywhere you go.

Forgot your cards at home? In a hurry? No cash on you? Mobile apps allow for use of a linked credit card to pay for a purchase in store or online by swiping a bar code against the store machine (or using the credit card number online). Need to pick up food or beverages? Place an order from your mobile app and it will be ready by the time you arrive at your destination for pickup. Do you own a business which involves collecting payments? You can buy a credit card reader to attach to your mobile device which transfers payments from your customer’s credit card to your linked bank account. Payments have never been so easy.

Is it Safe?
There is always a risk when personal information is displayed in public places, but there are ways to avoid being scammed. Never follow links that were sent to you via e-mail, text message or from another website popup asking you to plug in your personal data, always go to the website you are looking for directly. Avoid banking while using public networks such as a coffee shop wi-fi because you don’t know how secure the network is or who could be reviewing your activity. Always use official banking applications, (research all applications you are thinking of downloading) and while hitting “remember my password” may be easier, it’s safer to have to type it in each time. These are just a few of the precautions you can take to protect your mobile information.

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