What if you DON’T win the lottery?

With no winner for Saturday nights U.S. Powerball, the money will roll over into Wednesday’s draw for an estimated 1.5 billion dollar jackpot; a global record. The odds of winning are 1 in 292,000,000.00 With anticipation and excitement all over social media, news and television stations, seconds for the winner to be announced ticking by, I can’t help but wonder what everyone who doesn’t win will do when all their dreams don’t come true.

What would you do if you don’t win the lottery? It’s a fair question yet it is not asked nearly as much as “what would you do if you DID win?” Chances are you don’t have an extremely creative or even remotely spontaneous answer at the ready. We spend hours fantasizing about the possibilities that would be open to us if we did win. “I would quit my job and open a vineyard in California” or “I would fill my swimming pool with champagne and host black tie parties every 2nd Friday of the month”, or “I would open my own food truck called Starvin’ Marvins” etc. There are specific details in these answers that exemplify our existent passion, and that have evolved over countless hours spent dreaming about this fantasy life with an ambition that is unmeasured.

Do you have an answer for what you would do if you didn’t win? No, a lot of us don’t. Our state of being is an unspoken answer. It sounds a lot like “this is my life when I haven’t won the lottery and I am ok with it”. Where is the enthusiasm, creativity and ambition here? What are you waiting for? New opportunities arise everyday that can get you one step closer to what you dream of. The odds of having a better future when you act on your dreams are a lot better than 1 in 292,000,000.00. Your future depends on you.

At Fast Access we challenge you to live in a reality that is as satisfying as the fantasy world you create when you dream about winning the lottery. What do you need to tackle today that will help get you where you want to go? If financial stability is what you dream of, then take the initiative to get yourself out of debt and into prosperity. Call us today or visit our website www.fastaccess.ca for more information about our services.