Christmas Time Savings Rhyme

Christmas comes but once a year,
A time for celebration and holiday cheer.
For mistletoe, presents, and gingerbread men,
To break bread with guests, family and friends.

But alas there are factors working against you,
Telephone, gas, hydro and rent due.
The party you’re hosting is far from free,
Catering is a fortune -I’m sure you’d agree

So here’s some advice for those who seek it,
To be good to your money and make sure you keep it.
For I am no Grinch, the opposite in fact,
Santa’s financial advisor? I can’t argue that.

Lower your thermostat when the fire burns bright,
And turn off your lights when sleeping at night.
Switch to LED, for a more efficient source,
It uses 90% less energy, but you knew that of course.

Take one trip to the mall, not dozens a week,
Avoid weekends, holidays, and hours of peak.
Buy presents in bulk, whose going to protest?
Socks may be cliché, but are needed nonetheless.

Try home-made cards, wreaths and decorations,
You won’t have to worry about cheap duplications.
Use flyers and coupons, make the most of your dough,
The savings add up as your wallet will show.

If you follow these rules, the results will astound you,
Get creditors off your back, and all those who hound you.
These tips aren’t so secret, but not all do know,
It takes some ambition – to get where you’ll go.

No need to thank me, your trust means enough,
You’ve made some small changes, that wasn’t too tough?
Now that you’re wiser, and richer to boot,
Have a wonderful Christmas, I hope it’s a hoot!