Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Two of the most pivotal SALE days in our calendar year are fast approaching and the information you need to prepare for success is right here. When the anticipated day finally arrives there will be two kinds of shoppers: the savers and the spenders. The savers will take advantage of the sale, and the spenders will get taken advantage of. Which will you be?

If you follow these 3 simple rules, you are guaranteed to come out on top.

Don’t give in to impulse: If you decide you need it in under 10 seconds, take a walk around and mull it over. We are impulsive by nature and it is this kind of irrational thinking that gets us into trouble most of the time. How can you be so sure about a choice you didn’t know existed until just a minute ago? It takes time to weigh the pros and cons of a decision and decide if it’s the right move for the long-haul. This should be applied to everything in life, even the little things. Think it over, if it’s still on your mind an hour/day later you can revisit it. Smarter choices take time.

Compare pricing: Always shop around first. The shiny red letters that read “SALE” are just as truthful as the signs next to lines for rollercoasters that read “15 minute wait from this point”. Just because it says so – doesn’t mean it’s true. Check competitor pricing and see what companies are offering for the same item. Research online and find out if there are products with similar functions that are less expensive. Think about all the factors that could affect the price in the future – will there be a better sale near the end of the year? Will the price go down when the newest model is released? Is the sale tag that different from the original tag? Do your homework.

Don’t buy things you don’t need: A sale shouldn’t be treated as an opportunity to throw your money at something you hadn’t even considered, simply because the price alone is enough of a justification. In fact that’s the exact kind of thinking that makes promotional offers so easy for business owners to capitalize on. They are counting on your inability to see past the flashing lights and focus on the facts. If you want to defy predictability you can figure out how to use sales promotions to your advantage. The only way to avoid being duped is to buy something you were already considering going to buy – had this sale not existed; this way you get what you need – and at a better price. That’s a win-win.

For more tips in all areas of finance visit Fast Access and take advantage of the services we offer. Read about our process on our website and take your time making an informed decision. Compare our offers to other companies and let us know how we can help cater to your needs. Don’t walk away without finding exactly what you are looking for.