Summer Fun that Won’t Break the Bank

As much as your kids look forward to summer break, it doesn’t take long for them to start expressing their boredom and whining about wanting things to do. Fortunately, finding summer fun activities to keep them happy doesn’t have to break your budget and leave you scrambling to pay for school supplies when the time comes.


While your kids may be tired of school education, you can still sneak in some learning amid their summer fun by planting and maintaining a garden. The garden can be an indoor kitchen window garden full of herbs or an outdoor vegetable and/or flower garden. Your children can help pick out, plant, water and weed the plants and have the pleasure of pretty or tasty rewards.

Library programs

Even if your kids aren’t big readers, your local library summer programs are certain to offer something they’ll enjoy. Along with story hours for younger children, most libraries also offer unique classes and performances designed to keep kids entertained. Many libraries have DVDs and video games available for borrowing and this is a great, free way to catch up on releases your kids may have missed during the school year. Children who love to read can check out multiple books to explore other worlds of summer fun and there are multiple reference books for kids to learn more about favorite hobbies and sports.


There’s no better time to get your kids cooking and learning about food preparation than in the summer when you have plenty of free time. This summer fun activity coordinates well with starting a garden as your kids can harvest and cook the produce they helped grow. Even without a garden, kids can help pick out items in the grocery store that they’d like to make into a meal and it’s the great way to start experimenting with new recipes. Ask your children to plan a menu for the week that incorporates their favorite foods. This not only makes your life a bit easier, it gives them a feeling of responsibility.

Movie nights

When the weather is warm at night, mix movie nights up a bit by taking them outside. Plan a backyard movie night at least once a week and create a summer fun atmosphere in your back yard that includes drinks, treats, blankets on the ground and citronella torches to keep bugs at bay. For the movie screen, hang a drop cloth between some trees or on the house and ask about borrowing a projector from a friend or neighbor. You may consider investing in a DVD projector, as it’s usable year round for fun indoor and outdoor movie nights anywhere in the home with a flat surface – or simply stick with a laptop!

Find new friends

Even if your neighborhood is lacking in children the right ages, you can still find new friends for summer fun with a bit of research. Investigate social media for local kid-friendly events, sign-up for alerts from local groups and organized events in your community. Check bulletin boards in the library and grocery stores for clubs and events happening nearby that offer opportunities to meet and make new friends.

Summer fun doesn’t have to strain your budget when you stick close to home and explore local opportunities. By incorporating new ideas and things you did as a kid, you and your children can make the most of the warmer months. If you want to include a fun getaway for the whole family, but need some extra funds to do so, contact Fast Access Finance to discuss our fast and easy personal loan options.