How to Save Money on a Wedding

Wedding expense concept. Bride with purse and one dollarWhen the wedding bells begin to ring you might be so excited that you are not yet thinking about your budget. Unfortunately, in this modern era weddings can be extremely expensive. Smart couples will start their wedding planning with a clear budget of what they can spend well in advance of the wedding day. No matter what style of wedding you opt for, you can make use of these tips for saving money on your celebration:

BYO: Bring your own style parties are a clever way to celebrate your big day with family and friends. If you can get everyone to commit to bringing food or drink ahead of time, you can host a wonderful potluck wedding reception. Not only will you get to sample a range of home-cooked dishes, your guests will enjoy the feeling of being an essential part of your special day.

Size Matters: Another tip for how to save money on a wedding is to remember that yours doesn’t have to be the biggest party in the world to still be a fun and memorable occasion.  Your wedding should be about you and your special someone celebrating your life and love together. To keep costs down, decide on a smaller guest list that will fit within your budget, and allow you to invite your closest family and friends.

Guest Funded: A creative way to get the money you need for your wedding day is to try getting your guests to help crowd fund it! Kickstarter is just one example of a website that you can direct your guests to so they can make a monetary contribution to your wedding.

Photos: Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer, ask your friends and family to bring their cameras to your event and snap away! Encourage everyone to download their photos to a central source online, such as Dropbox. You’ll definitely get some great candid photos, and you may actually discover a real budding photographer amongst your guests!

Involve Friends:

If you are still having trouble figuring how to save money on a wedding and you don’t know where to turn, consider Fast Access Finance. Your wedding should be the most exciting day of your life, and we’d be happy to help you get the loan you need to make it happen!