Great Small Gift Ideas for Friends

Great Small Gift Ideas for Friends
Great Small Gift Ideas for Friends

There are three rules to having great small gift ideas. The first rule is to make the give relevant and appropriate to the individual. In other words, personalize it. The second rule involves choosing gifts that are handmade. Lastly, the gift should be inexpensive and memorable.
A gift card to a friend’s local restaurant is nice, but you are not going for just nice – you are going for exceptional! One of the best small gift ideas is to plan a special homemade dinner for your friend.

Music CD
You know your friend’s taste in music. Why not made a CD of his or her favorite songs? Create a custom mix, and they’ll remember you each time they listen.

Monogrammed Stationary
Everyone loves stylish, personalized stationary. Creative calendars, monogram pens and notepads also make great small gift ideas.

Personalized Mug
There are a lot of websites out there that make it easy to add an image or words to a mug. A personalized mug is a good idea for any friend who is a coffee or tea drinker.

Patterns & Crafts
For your friend who loves to craft, sew, crochet or knit, buying a pattern is a great idea. Majority of the patterns are inexpensive. You may want to include some yarn, fabric, or other craft supplies so they can start the project.

Homemade Scarf, Hat or Gloves
If you knit or crochet, you may want to make something for your friend. There are many simple patterns out there that will take you less than one evening.

Memory Book
Place all your favorite photographs of events, special moments and occasions you and your friend have shared in an album. You may choose to put it in printed form, create a digital album or give photos to your friend on a flash drive.

Homemade Gift Basket
A homemade gift basket can include many of these great small gift ideas. For example, you can create a collection of your friend’s favourite books, CDs, mugs, candy or gift cards in a decorative basket. You can even create a themed gift basket. For instance, a movie basket could include popcorn, movie-related magazines or movies featuring their favorite actors. A travel basket is also a great idea. Pick a city your friend always travels to or has always wanted to travel to, and make a basket with items from that city. These items can include small trinkets like key chains, guidebooks, maps, postcards or even local foods.

There are a lot of small gift ideas out there that are perfect for giving to your friends this holiday season. You want to make sure that any gift you give is uniquely personal to that individual. Depending on how many people you are buying gifts for, your inexpensive gift giving may become expensive. If that happens, count on Fast Access Finance. You can complete a loan application today or contact Fast Access Finance for further assistance.