5 Things that Can Help with your Holiday Finances

During the holiday season, enjoying the company of good friends and family is something we all enjoy, and luckily, that doesn’t have to be expensive! However, many of us do feel obligated to spend money on gifts, meals and entertainment during the winter holiday season more so than the rest of the year. Here are our tips for keeping your holiday finances in check so you can enjoy your holiday without financial stress:

1. Budget
Before you start any of your holiday shopping, write out a detailed plan of who you are planning to buy gifts for, how much you will spend on each of those gifts and a few ideas of what you might like to buy for them. Also set out a budget for any holiday baking, cooking and entertainment you will be responsible for this year. Stick to your budget and save where you can.

2. Put Away Your Credit Card
If you shop with your card, you’ll spend more! Having cash in your hand means that you can only spend a certain amount… or you won’t have any cash leftover for the rest of your list. Another bonus of avoiding your credit card – no shocking bill in your mailbox in the new year!

3. Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Gifts
You don’t have to give physical gifts to each person on your holiday list. Why not donate to a favourite charity in your recipient’s name? Treat your friends to a special dinner party at your home in lieu of a store-bought gift. The options are endless once you start thinking of unique gift ideas.

4. Homemade is Best!
Another way to cut down on spending money this holiday season is to spend time instead on your gifts. Are you particularly crafty or have a special hobby? Knit your friends a warm sweater, create a scrapbook, bake holiday goodies or create a piece of art for your loved ones.

5. Shop the Ads
Yes, sometimes, a store bought gift is necessary. In these instances, shop local flyers and online sales to find the best deals possible. Spending a bit of time comparison shopping before you head out to the stores can save you big money in the long run. This goes for holiday food, too! Try to save money by using coupons and getting your holiday feast at a discount.

Fast Access Finance hopes you have a wonderful holiday season this year and wishes you the best of luck creating your holiday shopping budget and sticking to it! Should you need extra funds to help you during the holiday season, consider applying for a personal loan.