Fast Access Financial was established in 2008 to help those who have been turned down for a loan, and need to find alternate financing. We offer loans between $500- $10,000, and mortgages of up to 85%LTV. We are not a payday loan company, set out to trap you in an endless cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck survival. We are the good guys and our message is clear. We want to HELP you get the money you need right away and rebuild your credit in the process so that you can gain access to bank loans at bank rates.  How can we do this? Simple. We offer lower rates than our competitors, (Starting at 9.90%) open ended terms (from 12-60 months) with no penalty for early payouts, and we report your progress to Equifax to repair your bad credit.  The day you complete your loan with us and walk directly into the bank of your choice is a successful day for all!

Located in the heart of Pickering Ontario, our team consists of 6 individuals from across the GTA who understand why you are here, and will work as hard as possible to make sure they achieve your immediate and long term goals. We are always available either by phone, email or social media to answer any questions you might have about your financial circumstances, offer advice, or give you an update on your existing loan status.

As a small company we operate with compassion, humility, and respect. We value the relationships we create with our customers above all else.

Do you have any questions?
Give us a call at 1.855.367.9191